Mijo de la Palma in Harvard Square

Mijo de la Palma present their unique blend of Puerto Rican jíbaro music and contemporary acoustic sounds at The Democracy Center in Harvard Sq, Cambridge, Mass.

Mijo de la Palma / 23, Nov. 2012 • 8pm / The Democracy Center / 45 Mt Auburn Street  / Cambridge, MA / $10 suggested donation (no one turned away for lack of funds)

Born out of the eclectic musical scene in the western side of Puerto Rico, Mijo de la Palma’s sound is an unfolding of handcrafted jíbaro music and modern acoustic rhythms. The earthy, melancholic and intimate lament of the jíbaro intersects with upbeat and catchy tunes of today’s singer-songwriter and flamenco music resulting in their trademark Fusion Jíbara. Fusión Jíbara is not only a creative blend of poetry and musical textures that redefines the sounds of contemporary Puerto Rican music, it also provides the new generations with music intimately linked to a strong Puerto Rican identity in times of severe political turmoil in the island.

Their shows are complemented with poets weaving verses into the musical backdrop and visual artists soaking up the creative energy of the night while painting entrancing visuals on the spot. More than a performance from a musical group, their shows are a creative gathering that speaks to and of a land deeply wounded and regenerating in relation to historical memory. Music, in Mijo de la Palma, is a reassertion of cultural roots; it is never forgetting.