¡La Sabrosa Sabrosura!

La Sabrosa Sabrosura brings their Latin Fusion to Harvard Square with a rare gig in Greater Boston.

La Sabrosa Sabrosura / Fri 2 Nov. 2012 • 8pm / The Democracy Center / 45 Mt Auburn Street  / Cambridge / $10 suggested donation

The story of La Sabrosura begins with Los Yerberos, led by Mexico City’s Mariano Spindola, which was an important band in the reggae scene in Mexico, having been the first and only Mexican reggae band signed by a multinational record label, BMG-Ariola. The band toured the length and breadth of Mexico for over 10 years and produced four albums between 1992 and 2002.

Fast forward five years. Inspired by the sound of Mexican cumbia artists such as Rigo Tovar, Chicoche and Celso Piña, Spindola moved towards a new direction. On a lovely night in 2007, a cool musical style was born in Mexico City: CUMBIABOMBA: a mix of cumbia, reggae, funk, ska, and electro beats. Led by Spindola, La Sabrosa Sabrosura formed as an effort to bring back the spirit of his successful earlier band. Beginning with their second CD in 2009, Claudia Mendoza joined the band as lead female singer, adding a shaking funk to the sound that Spindola had been developing from the band’s inception. In 2010, La Sabrosa Sabrosura spent five months in Thailand, playing dozens of gigs in Bangkok and several other cities. In 2011, the band toured Europe, playing two dozen gigs in Spain, Germany and Holland. This will be their first tour of the United States.


Una bella noche de 2007, un nuevo y fresco estilo musical nació, una mezcla de CUMBIA con muchos colores diferentes como FUNK, REGGAETON, ELECTRONICA y, REGGAE. CUMBIA, ritmo originario de Colombia, ha echado raices profundas en México en los últimos 30 años. Dejando su propia huella artistas mexicanos como Rigo Tovar, Chicoche, Celso Piña y mucho otros. Ahora es el turno de Mariano Spíndola y sus amigos de La Sabrosa Sabrosura de unirse a una nueva generación de músicos mexicanos renovando otra vez este delicioso estilo musical tan bailable.

La Sabrosa Sabrosura a bautizado a su propio ritmo como CUMBIABOMBA